Fax: 778 699 4768   Call: 778 795 0529

Fax: 778 699 4768   Call: 778 795 0529

Medication Alignment Program

A medication alignment program streamlines your prescription refills for one easy pick up.


Have a conversation with our pharmacists to develop a plan where all your prescriptions work together and all your refills are ready for you to pick up on a single convenient day. We will regularly check in to make sure your medication plan is still working for you and to plan for your next convenient pick-up day.

How Medication Alignment Helps


Book a conversation with your Common Good Pharmacist


During your conversation the Common Good pharmacist gathers information on overall health, your medications, your medical history, your vitamins and supplements, and your health goals.


With the pharmacist you synchronize your medication so you can come back at a single, convenient time.


The pharmacist creates a plan to help you work towards your health goals and simplify your medications. The pharmacist communicates the plan with your healthcare team.


You set an appointment to pick up your next set of refills and have your next conversation with your pharmacist.

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