Fax: 778 699 4768   Call: 778 795 0529

Fax: 778 699 4768   Call: 778 795 0529

Services We Offer

Common Good pharmacists offer a variety of services all centered around client wellness. We want to help you create an overall health and wellness plan and become a trusted part of your health care support system.


Prescription: Transfer, Refill, New

Transfer: Transferring a prescription is a simple, easy process. We’ll do the work for you. 

Refill: Submit your refill request online and we can notify you when it is ready. 

New: Upload a new prescription and we will have your prescription ready when you a


Medication Alignment Program

A medication alignment program streamlines your prescription refills for one easy pick up.


Pharmacist Minor Ailment Prescribing

Pharmacists in BC now have the authority to make a diagnosis and prescribe medications for minor ailments and contraception.


Vaccinations and Injectable Medication Administration

Traveling?  Looking for routine vaccines? Need assistance with an injectable medication? Common Good pharmacists are all injection certified.


Menopause Consultation

Our Common Good Menopause Practitioner is here to answer your questions and help build a comprehensive plan for all stages of menopause.



Common Good pharmacists will look at your overall health plan to make sure your prescriptions are working together cohesively.


Opioid Agonist

We offer opioid agonist therapy in a private, confidential, respectful environment.

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